Meet Our Mushrooms

Meet our magical mushrooms, find your best Mush Mush match, and maybe you will even learn something new!

  • Lion's Mane

    Scientific name: Hericium erinaceus

    Also Known As:
    The Brain Mushroom

    Lion’s mane is mostly cultivated in China and other parts of Asia. It is not shaped like your traditional “cap and stem” mushroom. Instead, it is found growing naturally, high up on hardwood logs all over the world, where it grows into balls of white mass that look like the mane of a lion.

    Traditionally, this mushroom is brewed into teas and used for stomach pains, digestive issue and increased focus, while also being used as an immune system modulator. With the benefits of modern studies, Lion’s Mane is now most famous for its incredible brain-boosting benefits including improving memory, focus & cognition.

    How does Lion’s Mane assist the brain?

    Hericenones and erinacines.
    These two compounds work to accelerate the production of Nerve Growth Factor, which regulates growth, development and maintenance of nerve cells, including vital brain cells.

  • Reishi

    Scientific name: Ganoderma lingzhi

    Also Known As:
    'Mushroom of immortality' and 'The queen mushroom'

    One of the original superfoods, Reishi has been recognised as a medicinal mushroom for vitality and longevity for over 2000 years. Stumbling upon wild Reishi is rare, and in the years before it was cultivated, only extremely wealthy nobility could afford it. Reishi, or ‘Lingzhi’, has been thoroughly researched for its calming effects on the body and hyped for its ability to improve sleep quality.

    Reishi is the most widely researched and understood of all the functional mushrooms, with Reishi research leading the way in the fungi field.

    A bit more about Reishi mushroom:

    Reverently called the “Elixir of Life” and the “Mushroom of Immortality”, hundreds of polysaccharides and triterpene compounds have been identified within Reishi. These magical fungi work to strengthen and modulate the immune system, helping to regulate your mood for extra balance.

  • Cordyceps

    Scientific name: Cordyceps Militaris

    Also Known As:
    'The energy mushroom' and 'The caterpillar fungus'

    Cordyceps has been traditionally used in the East for more than 300 years as a remedy for chronic fatigue and as an energy supplement. Many people think that this fungus is harvested from the bodies of caterpillars high in the Tibetan plateau.

    We only use the more sustainable species known as Cordyceps militaris which is just as pure and powerful – the big difference being that it doesn’t need to grow on insects! Instead, it can be cultivated organically on rice and soy; far less gross and far better for the environment.


    Cordyceps increases the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is vital for transferring energy to muscles. With that, your body improves the way it uses oxygen during exercise, i.e. VO2 Max.

    VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen your muscles can utilize during exercise. It is a major determinant of someone’s fitness level.

    Cordyceps is known to promote a healthy circulatory system, support the maintenance of oxygen in the bloodstream, and promote lung capacity in a healthy respiratory system.

  • Chaga

    Scientific name: Inonotus obliquus

    Also Known As:
    'The king Mushroom' and 'The vitality mushroom'

    The ultimate regenerator, Chaga grows naturally on birch trees, and can be found throughout the forests of Canada, Russia, and parts of Northern Europe. Traditional uses saw Chaga made into a tea for the treatment of certain types of cancer.

    More recently, Chaga is touted for its aid against digestive disorders, liver tonifying and improved skin health.

    All our Chaga is grown on birchwood and harvested traditionally as the relationship between the birch & Chaga is central to the potency beneficial compounds.


    Known as the King of the Mushrooms, Chaga is chocked full of vitamins, beta-glucans, antioxidants.Its extract has been found to improve immunity, chronic inflammation, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, making it the ideal mushroom to cleanse & purify your insides.

  • Turkey Tail

    Scientific name: Trametes versicolor

    Also known as:
    Trametes versicolor and 'The gut mushroom'

    Turkey Tail is native to Europe, Asia, and parts of North America, and has long been used to support immune health, in both traditional Chinese & Native American medicine & herbalism.

    Turkey Tail gets its name from its frilled growth, which looks similar to the tail of a turkey. Extensive modern studies show strong links between daily use of Turkey Tail and improved overall immunity and resistance to illness.


    How does Turkey Tail strengthen the immune system?

    More than any other mushroom, Turkey Tail is loaded with immune-supporting beta-glucans. These are water-soluble compounds that can interact with and modulate our immune systems, providing the ultimate immune defence against illnesses.

  • Tremella

    Scientific name: Tremella fuciformis 

    Also known as:
    'The beauty mushroom' and 'White jelly mushroom'

    Belonging to the jelly fungus family, tremella mushrooms have gelatinous fruiting bodies the colour of snow – hence their other English name, “snow fungus.” For a long time, Tremella mushrooms were only harvested in the wild, but they began being cultivated in China in 1894 during the Qing Dynasty. During this time, they were believed to be a mushroom of immortality and ageless beauty, and science today backs these beautifying claims.

    Tremella mushrooms are loaded with Vitamin D & antioxidants, and its molecules are smaller than hyaluronic acid, allowing for deep skin penetration and hydration!


    Many of Tremella’s health benefits are accredited to its high polysaccharide content. Polysaccharides are antioxidants that work to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Additionally, the high amounts of vitamin D in Tremella play a role in its skin-boosting benefits; vitamin D is essential in helping skin cell growth, and both repairing and preventing premature skin ageing. Vitamin D is also a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it plays a role inkeeping skin hydrated and supple.

  • Shiitake

    Scientific name: Lentinula edodes

    Also known as:
    'Life-giving mushroom'

    Shiitake mushrooms have been cultivated in Japan for over 2000 years, where they are considered a token of longevity and immortality. In China, Shiitake was considered at the court of the emperor Ming as the ‘long life elixir’. Shiitake mushroom extract is extremely rich in essential amino acids, and the dense presence of kojic acid, the natural hydroquinone substitute, works to lighten the skin by fading away the age spots and scars.


    Shiitake mushroom extract is packed with antioxidant properties, a totally natural active ingredient for strengthening the skin’s defence system by activating the immunocompetent cells (Langerhans, Macrophages and Keratinocytes cells) which control the immune response of the skin and help it to fight against environmental stressors.

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  • Maitake

    Scientific name: Grifola frondosa

    Also known as:
    'hen-of-the-woods' and 'dancing mushroom'

    Maitake was discovered in Japan, where it has been enjoyed as a superfood for thousands of years. Maitake means “dancing mushroom” in Japanese, as it is said that foragers used to dance upon finding this incredibly nourishing fungi.

    Maitake has proven itself to be one of the most nutritionally rich polypore mushrooms out there, containing a wealth of health-beneficial compounds like beta-glucans, antioxidants, phytosterols, fibre, vitamins B and C, potassium, minerals, and amino acids… just to name a few. Through scientific investigation, Maitake has demonstrated the ability to support the immune system and be a valuable part of overall wellbeing.