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For centuries, remarkable functional mushrooms have been used for health and longevity. Today, many new scientific studies support a variety of mushroom benefits, including boosted immunity, enhanced cognition, reduced stress, improved sleep, and so MUSH more.

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  • No Morning Without It!

    I love these blends in my coffee in the morning and cacao at night for clarity, concentration, and calm. Feeling more energised, centered, and focused. I have recommended them to friends, family, and students. Thank you MushMush!

    Melanie R.


    Aside from the fact that it's absolutely delicious, it's completely replaced my morning coffee. My focus and energy has improved tenfold and it sets me up for the day. I really notice the difference when I've missed a morning of Get Mush Done, because put simply, I don't get much done. I recommend this to everyone I know. Thank you for making such a life changing product!

    Nia G

  • Worth every cent!

    I generally don’t sleep as much as I should and have a lot of social anxiety. I take this before bed and I sleep like never before. I’m also dreaming a lot more. Whenever I have a big social event I’ll take it beforehand too and it really calms me down ^^

    Josh Wilson

  • Can't express how great this product is

    Within 4 sleeps of taking reishi spores. I’ve noticed a massive increase in my sleep quality in particular my REM. I would normally wake up at least 5 times a night & now no more than twice. My energy & mood have also increased after waking up which sets me up for the day better.

    Nate Sim

  • This has been incredible for me!

    After trying so many different supplements, I stumbled upon Multimush and have honestly not looked back. I use it daily and have found that I have more energy consistently through the day, my skin is clearer, the early morning brain fog has disappeared and I sleep better.

    Amanda Watkins

  • A few drops of happiness a day ✨

    Since discovering the Reishi oil a month ago, I have noticed a significant difference in my moods and sleep. The constant rollercoaster of daily anxiety has been balanced and I can focus on tasks at hand, leaving me with more time in the day to relax, laugh, and smile.

    Layce M

Why Mush Mush?

  • Di Dao

    100% high quality mushrooms traditionally sourced from their native environment ensuring optimal potency and purity.

  • Wood Grown

    Our functional mushies are grown on their matching symbiotic wood in pristine semi-wild or wild environments.

  • 100% Fruiting Body

    No grains, fillers, starch, or mycelium. Just 100% fruiting body extract.

  • Dual Extracted

    Dual extract with water and alcohol to ensure that all the mushroom compounds are 100% bioavailable for you.

  • >30% Beta-d-glucan

    We guarantee >30% beta-d-glucan (active compounds) content in all of our superblends and beverages.

  • Lab Tested

    Tested in Australia to ensure safety, potency, and purity.

Asked Questions

What are functional mushrooms?
Put simply – functional mushrooms are the future! With almost 700 varieties of tonic herbs included in the functional mushrooms category, these potent superfoods have been hailed for their health-promoting properties for centuries. Dubbed the ‘Food of the Gods’ by the ancient Romans, functional mushrooms have been a staple of human diets throughout history and have been significantly studied for their preventative and therapeutic benefits. Among the most extensively researched mushroom varieties are Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Maitake, and Tremella.
How do Functional Mushrooms Work?
Functional mushrooms work in a variety of ways to support our overall health and wellness. Many of these mushrooms contain unique compounds, such as beta-glucans, that have immune-modulating effects that help to support the body’s natural defence mechanisms. Other species of functional mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals. Some mushrooms also contain compounds that may have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation in our joints. **It is important to note that the specific mechanisms by which functional mushrooms work can vary depending on the specific mushroom and the health condition being targeted.
What is 100% Fruiting body?
While there are no strict guidelines or rules for when to indulge, our Mush Perform Energy Blend which contain a high dosage of Cordyceps is designed to give you the kickstart you need for the day ahead, making it the perfect morning tonic. Feel free to sip on our other superblends and beverages whenever you need a boost throughout the day.
Are Functional Mushrooms Psychoactive?
No tripping here! Functional mushrooms are a totally different species from psychoactive mushrooms, and contain zero psychoactive compounds. Functional mushrooms only contain active compounds that promote healing and enhanced wellbeing, so you can absolutely take functional mushrooms every day without any worries.

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