The difference between Reishi Powder & Reishi Spore Oil.

Hello Mush Mush Mob and welcome to Spore-ology 101. In this series of classes, we hope to educate you about
the technical aspects of spores in Reishi mushroom and spore extraction processes, while hopefully keeping it fun!

First things first. What is the actual difference between Reishi extract powder and Reishi spore oil?

The key difference to understand is that Reishi extract is derived from the entire fruiting body (visible part of the Reishi), after the mushroom has completed its full lifecycle.

Toward the end of its lifecycle (during a phase called mushroom maturity), the Reishi mushroom produces spores as means of reproducing itself. The spores are the harvested, and Reishi spore oil is collected through a process known as CO2 cell cracking to ensure optimal bioavailability in the body.

CO2 Cell Cracking…sounds scientific…

And it absolutely is! This technology is at the forefront of mushroom research and has allowed for ground- breaking developments within spore retrieval. Let’s break down the process step by step:

(1) First the Reishi spores are harvested in line with Di Dao methodology and cleaned for purity.
(2) The walls of the Reishi spore are broken (cracked) to obtain the spore powder inside.
(3) The spore powder is then prepared into particles through a granulator by adopting a dry pressing method.
(4) Particles are then places into a supercritical CO2 extraction kettle for mining;
(5) Throughout the extraction process the Reishi spore oil becomes isolated within the extraction mix.
(6) The final step is a process of rectification & separation, allowing us to finally obtain our precious
Harmonious Reishi-O.

Great! So… are there any differences between the benefits?
Check out the table below for a quick reference on the differences between powder & spore oil benefits.

Spore-ology 101 Summary

The important takeaway from this lesson is that Reishi powder and Reishi spore are both produced from different parts of the mushroom. Both are extracted in different ways & have a different final product (one being powder, the other an oil).

When sourced correctly, both are very high-quality products, and while it is helpful to know the key differences between the two, deciding which product to take isn’t necessarily an either/or question. The products are not mutually exclusive and are able to be taken simultaneously to access a fuller spectrum of Reishi’s medicinal benefits.

Class dismissed!

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