The Best Functional Mushrooms for Sleep, Rest and Relaxation

The Best Functional Mushrooms for Sleep, Rest and Relaxation

We have all struggled with sleep issues at some stage of our life, and for some of us, these issues are frustratingly ongoing. Unregulated, poor-quality sleep is associated with increased illness and disease risk, but nearly half (48%) of all Australian adults report suffering from at least 2 sleep-related problems. Prescription sleep medication can be highly dependent and come with a slew of unwanted side effects, which leaves many people in search of a natural remedy.

Mushrooms have been used for their medicinal properties for centuries, and while there are many different types of functional mushrooms, some of the most treasured fungi for sleep, rest and relaxation are Reishi, Chaga and Lions Mane. Each of these mushrooms can help to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of calm while also supplying your body with essential nutrients. If you are struggling with sleep issues or anxiety or are simply wanting to feel a greater state of Zen, then read on to discover how incorporating these functional mushrooms into your diet may be helpful.

Why is Quality Sleep so Important?

Quality sleep is a time for our body and mind to hit refresh – think of it like an essential maintenance reset! During restful and quality sleep, your body can work its magic behind-the scenes to repair and replenish itself. Without sufficient shut eye we'd be unable to stay sharp cognitively during the day and would miss out on other perks too; better memory retention & improved alertness included!

The benefits of a solid night’s sleep are countless: from better physical health—including a healthier heart and skin—to improved mental focus, creativity, greater hormonal balance and mood stability, getting enough shut eye offers numerous advantages that go beyond feeling refreshed when we wake up.

Reishi, Chaga and Lion’s Mane – The Sleeping Tripod

Many people discover functional mushrooms while researching for natural sleeping aids online and will generally stumble across the powerful trio of reishi, chaga and lion’s mane.

All three mushrooms have been credited with containing unique compounds which improve relaxation and boost high quality sleep. Each of these mushrooms work to protect cognitive health, balance and boost hormones + the immune system, and promote longevity – all vital steps in finding a Zen state and achieving a healthy sleep cycle.

Reishi for Regenerative Rest and Rejuvenation

Reishi, known as the number one mushroom for relaxation and sleep, is becoming increasingly popular. Containing unique properties and compounds which help support better sleep quality and relaxation in individuals who struggle to reenergize during the night. Recent studies confirm that triterpenes, one key compound found in reishi, are not only anti- inflammatory, but also possesses antiviral and antimicrobial properties! Reishi’s calming effects can lead to deeper sleep cycles allowing full REM sessions, so you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised each day. Reishi should be on the top of your check list when you are looking to reduce stress, chill out, sleep better, and improve overall mental health.

Chaga for Improved Sleep and Regenerative REM cycles

Chaga mushrooms are a true gift from nature. For those of us trying to limit our caffeine intake, Chaga serves as a great alternative to tea and coffee, both of which contain caffeine which disturbs our natural sleep cycles. With its adaptogenic properties, Chaga helps your body adapt to stress, helping you to calm down after a long day. Not only are Chaga chock- full of powerful nutrients and enzymes, they have also been shown to be incredibly effective at improving sleep general quality and helping to trigger rejuvenating REM cycles.

Lion's Mane Mushroom: Nootropic Support for a Good Night’s Sleep

Lion’s Mane is a powerful nootropic renowned for its ability to promote calming, restful sleep by stimulating the growth of new brain cells, allowing you to restore and regenerate as you snooze. This effectively means that this functional mushroom helps your brain regenerate and renew as you rest. Further to this ability, Lion’s Mane also assists with mental clarity and focus during the day by helping to nourish your brain and support its proper functioning, leading to a calmer resting state.

Medicinal Mushroom Stacking: Combining Reishi, Chaga and Lion’s Mane for Incredible Sleep

At Mush Mush, we are all about functionality, and a great way to improve sleep quality is through medicinal mushroom stacking, which involves consuming reishi, chaga, and lion’s mane simultaneously. Reishi is known as the “mushroom of immortality” because its adaptogenic effects help promote sleep and reduce stress in the body. Chaga has been used for centuries to support quality REM cycles, healthy immunity, and high energy levels throughout the day. Lion’s mane provides calming neurological benefits by helping regulate hormone production in the body allowing you to drift off quickly and stay asleep for longer.

Combining these three powerful mushrooms encourages overall balance, leading to improved sleep quality. Experiment with medicinal mushroom stacking with our AM Blend, PM Blend and our Stacking Bundles.

Sleeping Soundly with Medicinal Mushrooms, a Summary

For anyone looking to sleep and rest better, functional mushrooms are a fabulous and effective natural alternative to heavy sleeping medicines. Reishi mushroom is particularly popular, as it supports healthy rest and helps with overall sleep quality thanks to its calming properties. Chaga mushrooms are another great sleep aid because they are full of vitamins and minerals that promote healthy REM cycles, while Lions Mane Mushroom can also improve sleep due to its high antioxidant content and brain-regenerating powers.

When combined, these functional mushrooms can help promote healthy sleep patterns to ensure you get the rest and relaxation that you need to function at your best each day.

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