3 Best ways to enjoy medicinal mushroom powder extract

3 Best ways to enjoy medicinal mushroom powder extract

3 ways to enjoy your mushroom blends

Including functional mushrooms in your daily diet is the best way to access the multi-benefits of these magic fungi. Powder blends are easy to mix and match, and are also ideal for building your perfect mushroom minutes all throughout the day.
Here are three different ways you can enjoy our extract powder blends:

Mushroom coffee

If you’re like the millions of people globally that begin their day with a mug of coffee, then this will be your golden ticket to mushing out!

Simply add a half teaspoon of your favourite mushroom blend straight into your coffee, stir, and enjoy! Many people agree that mushrooms add a nice earthy flavour to your beverage. Tremella even tends to have a vanilla-ish taste, sweetening up your morning!
If you don’t drink coffee, and prefer a splash of morning tea, then you can still amp up your tea with the blend of your choice.

Just so you know, the beneficial compounds in mushrooms are 100% heat stable. In fact, we process the mushrooms in hot water to draw out the beneficial substances from the mushrooms before they are transformed into a powder (which can be blended into anything!)

Mushroom smoothie

Are you a little freaked out by the flavour of mushrooms? We completely understand… and guess what – you don’t really have to ever taste them to receive the benefits! Smoothies can hide the flavour of our mushroom blends, so you can get all the benefits without having to worry about the mushroom taste.

We love to mix frozen fruit, a squeeze of locally sourced honey + a splash of oat milk in a blender for a delicious fruit smoothie. Another classic is banana, a dash of cinnamon, honey & oat milk plus your favourite mushroom blend combined to make a delicious banana smoothie!

This option allows you to toss in whatever mushroom blend you are feeling and with smoothies, there are limitless possibilities. Let your imagination run wild!

Add to your meals

One thing that people regularly overlook is that mushroom powders can be added to anything! Baked dishes, soups, breakfast cereals, anything you can dream up – there are so many ways that functional mushrooms can be added to your daily diet.

Last note

Mushroom blends allow you to customise whatever mushrooms serve you best during your day! When you have a variety of blends to choose from, you can tailor you mushroom moments to the journey of your day!

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